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I’ve got a great list of blogs for everyone to follow. They include Latin teachers’ blogs, modern language blogs, and other blog-type resources for you to peruse and follow. I’m also including some resources to help you organise your blogs if you want to follow many, but don’t want daily emails.

Ways to Organise your Blog Feeds

  1. Feedly – This is the source I use for the blogs I follow. It has an app for your phone or tablet and doesn’t send you email reminders. I can easily organise my blogs and feeds and quickly scan through them to see what I want to read.
  2. – This is one of the ways to get a weekly (or daily) reminder about the feeds you use. They set it up like a newspaper, which makes it visually appealing and you can control how often you get emails.

Blogs for Latin stories and writing

  • Best Latin – Laura Gibb’s fable and proverb round up!

Blogs by Latin teachers on teaching

  • Todally Latin – Keith Toda’s blog on Comprehensible Input teaching
  • Pomegranate Beginnings – Rachel Ash’s and Miriam Patrick’s blog on Comprehensible Input teaching
  • Latin Best Practices – A blog run by a group of Latin teachers on best practices for Language teaching

Blogs by modern language teachers on teaching

  • Embedded Reading – A blog all about writing embedded readings for your students
  • Kristy Placido – A Spanish teacher who writes about her experiences in conferences and teaching
  • The Comprehensible Classroom – Written by a Spanish teacher, but applicable to all languages on Comprehensible Input
  • Optimizing Immersion – Written by a Spanish teacher, this blog also highlights his work with Comprehensible Input

Other Blogs

  • Latin Language Blog – Graduate student Brittany Brittaniae discusses Roman culture and traditions

Do you have a blog you’d like to share? Comment below or email us!

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