Presentation Report: AP Latin at CAMWS

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Amy Leonard recently presented her integrated AP syllabus at the Classical Association of the Midwest and South‘s Southern Section.

Her syllabus has three major components:

  1. suggested thematic integration of both the Vergil and Caesar passages required by the syllabus
  2. a sample essay question for each unit
  3. suggested sight reading passages that compliment the themes and/or vocabulary for the unit readings

With Amy’s permission, we’ve shared the document here and, having used her syllabus in the past, I would like to share a few thoughts:

  • Amy’s syllabus does a really good job of combining passages from both authors in each unit. Students rarely get tired of reading one author and are always given opportunities to make connections
  • Her titles are not only interesting to read, but make topics clear
  • The units are easy to follow and invite interesting discussions with students, no matter what textbook, commentary, or materials you use.

Be sure to check out her syllabus and let us know what you think in the comments!

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