Classics in the News – August Edition

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A new year has started, so we shall begin again with the latest in Classical news! A quick explanation of how I find these sources and how I list them.

  • I have two particular news feeds that get delivered to me on a daily/weekly basis
    1) Feedly provides me with most of my blog feeds for both personal and professional use, including a section on Latin related materials
    2) provides me with a news feed that I put together to come through weekly.
  • I also pull from resources teachers and members send me through the month
  • I am on twitter and look at the latest posts for more information, news links, and twitter followers you may enjoy
  • I finally look at the resources I and my own students pull for our studies. If I think it is useful, I’m happy to add it. 

When I post them here, you’ll see a post like this:


  • Post Title (with hyperlink)Source. Description and notes

I would love to hear from you guys about what you want to see and read. Please feel free to email me at with you suggestions and links!

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  • Classics PodcastsHarverford College. This is a list of podcasts of readings of various Greek and Latin texts. 
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