Classics in the News for November 2013

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Time for another edition! Comment if there is something you’d like to see or if there are any updates to share!

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  • The Afterlife of Ovid – The School of Advanced Study – A series of podcasts on various aspects of Ovid and his works after his death.

Go Mobile!

  • Where in the Ancient World – At Your Fingertips – N.S. University Press – Princeton University Press has come out with an iPhone App that allows you to see the world the way the Romans and Greeks did!
  • Historvius – Mapping History – Roman Ruins HD offers this iPad app allowing you to view Ancient Roman ruins. It has over 350 sites and 1,500 images. Nota Bene: this company also offers a full website that allows  you to plan trips, and do searches based on location, time period, or historical figure. Each “destination” offers descriptions, links to websites, contact information (where applicable) and photos.