Classics in the News for October 2013

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I am really excited to be publishing links to articles, finds, and videos for the Classics. I know that I constantly am looking for things to use in class and to help my students connect to what I am teaching. Each month, during the 3rd week, I will post a list of a list of links. I will give the title and a brief description of each post. They will come from a variety of sources and be through a variety of media. I would love to see some discussion spur from this including links I may miss or updates on articles I post. Some may be fairly new finds and as new information is presented, I’m hoping that we as a community can keep it up to date. Here is the first edition! Enjoy!


Archaeological Finds

  • The Wrong Way for Pompeii – Ingrid D. Rowland; The New York Review of Books; A great article detailing recent issues in the restoration of Pompeii. The article discusses multiple problems and attempts to rectify them.
  • Roman Ruins Discovered in Alcoutim – Archaeology NewsroomArchaeology and Arts; Details the new discovery of Roman ruins in Alcoutim, Portugal.
  • Ancient Peoples – A blog about everything in the Ancient World, run by history students and graduates from different fields
  • Restoring Sparta’s Ancient Theater – Archaeology Institute of America; A brief description of work being done in Greece currently.
  • Secrets of the Dead – PBS; This link takes you to the shows webpage, but you can youtube videos and see videos here. There are some great ones on new finds in Rome!

News and Writings in Latin

  • Consultationes Genavenses – Nuntii Latini; The latest edition of the Latin news from everyone’ favourite Finnish radio station: Nuntii Latini! Both audio and transcripts are available.
  • Latin Proverbs and Fables Round up – Laura Gibbs; Bestiaria Latina Blog; The latest from Laura Gibbs websites of Latin fables, proverbs, etc.


Social Media to Follow


JCL Related

  • October Issue of the Alae – Grace Xu (editor); Georgia Junior Classical League Alae Mercurii; The latest issue of the Alae is out! Check out who your state officers are and see how National Convention went over the summer. Also check out the newest features that you can be a part of!

Is there something I missed? Let me know in the comments! Is there a source you’d like me to keep an eye on in the future? Let me know and I’ll add it to my daily feed.

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