Upper Modern Myth Winner 2013

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Amanda Bolen, Eastside High School, Eric Adams, Latin IV,   11th Grade    

High School Hospitality

 The two gods wandered through the hectic, bustling cafeteria of Theoxenia High School with their trays of food in hand. Jupiter and Mercury were quickly overwhelmed by the continuous buzz of youthful gossip and the repetitive shouting of individuals desperate for attention. The gods, disguised as unpopular high-school rejects, were eager to see if any table would be willing to accept them without the knowledge of their true identity. This “test” of sorts was enacted solely because the wanderings of the gods had brought them here and they were eager for a sense of adventure, even in a filthy chasm of depression—high school.

“Let’s sit with the football team; that’s sure to make us popular!” exclaimed hopeful Mercury as he ogled at the impressive display of football banners riddled throughout the lunchroom.

“Alright”, agreed Jupiter, approaching a burly teenager with a Letterman jacket. “Hey man, do you mind if we sit with you guys? We’re huge sports fans.”

The table exploded in merriment. Jupiter and Mercury were equally astounded at the outright disrespect these insolent boys expressed through their boisterous, raucous laughter. Mercury, the first to recover from being so taken aback, implored the boys as to what he found humorous.

            “You guys?! You puny, total wimps want to sit with us?! When did the school losers think they could upgrade?!”

            The shocked gods were left to gape at the unimaginable situation as the arrogant youth and his cronies continued to erupt with peals of mirth. Mercury could sense the growing agitation of his superior, thus he urged Jupiter to amble away to an alternative group.

            The gods suddenly spotted a girl fall dramatically to the floor and a boy weeping over her. They rushed to aid in the situation, but upon arrival, the girl and boy stood and appeared completely alright.    

            “That’s a wrap, guys! We’re totes going to steal the show on Saturday! I can’t wait for the curtains to draw back and reveal our masterpiece!” squealed a vivacious girl with too much make-up covering her features.

This over-dressed, over-excited, over-emotional atmosphere was greatly abhorred by the god of all the gods. Yet, he and Mercury needed to find at least one crowd in which to fit in. Reluctantly, Jupiter approached the girl and her now trust-falling companions.

            “Hey, could my friend and I join your play? We love the theatre arts or whatever…”

            The obnoxious girl theatrically waved her hand and stared at the ceiling. “Who is this freak who has the nerve to address ME? We do not perform ‘whatever’, we perform MASTERPIECES which have been perfected and altered throughout the years so that inferiors such as yourself could watch for entertainment with an unfortunate disreg-“

            “Okay, it’s not worth it…” Mercury mumbled as he slipped away, grabbing Jupiter to prevent him from zapping the girl where she stood.

            Feeling more and more irritated, the gods stalked over to another table. Noticing the shaking milk carton in Jupiter’s hand, Mercury decided to be the spokesmen to the timid-looking freshmen before him.

            “Sup, do you guys care to make some room for me and my friend?”

            Three of the young teens looked as if they might faint from fright. One, however, stood pompously and declared, “Yeah, right! Go find somewhere else to spread your weird! In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in high school now! Humph!”

            Jupiter was inches from the doomed neck of the outspoken boy, but Mercury prevented Jupiter’s attempt with a look. “After we eat, we’ll just destroy the whole place.”

            “Hey, over here!”

            The disheartened and bitter gods turned and were greeted by a table eagerly waving for them to join. The table was surrounded with wise, old souls which were very much out-of-place in the school. One of the girls removed a book entitled ‘Ecce Romani’ from a seat while a boy removed a buzzer machine from another seat in order to make room for the gods.     

            The gods graciously accepted the provided seats and immediately altered their view of the school. As they consumed their meal, they casually implored if there could be any form of repayment granted to the kindred spirits. The humble students’ responses shocked the gods.

            “We would just like to be able to all go to college together.”

            The gods happily granted their request and those students later had their names inscribed in a tree in Theoxenia’s courtyard as a memorial of the better side of the high school. P.S. The above myth is a recreation of the myth Baucis and Philemon.

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