Prandium Latinum II

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Prandium Latinum by Rebecca Kasmier

I was asked to take over the Latin classes at Shiloh three years ago. The part-time program would have been lost if I had refused, but I felt tremendously inadequate, having had an extremely limited experience with studying and teaching Latin. Although I passed the GACE, I had never been in any type of Latin immersion (in any setting) at all.

The “Prandia Latina” began this year. Different teachers opened their homes to host a tasty meal. For two hours, we practiced speaking only in Latin. Even just as a listener, I found I could understand and follow the conversation surprisingly easily. I think through the course of the discussion, all of us learned new vocabulary that we could begin implementing right away. Although I was a novice speaker (largely scripted in the classroom), it was a great opportunity to practice forming Latin sentences more spontaneously. My colleagues were patient with my shortcomings, listening attentively and assisting with filling my vocabulary gaps.

I have immensely enjoyed each of these luncheons because besides having the opportunity to fellowship with teachers from other schools, I felt I was in a safe atmosphere where I could learn a lot through direct communication and hone my Latin speaking skills. I have also gotten some fresh ideas from these veterans for the classroom. I would encourage any of you interested colleagues to try attending a “Prandium Latinum”, since it can open a whole new level of learning, both to ourselves and to our students (especially our auditory and kinesthetic learners).